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Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Happy Canada Day!!!  Today, Canada is 150 years old and it’s time to celebrate! Get on your dancing shoes, crack an Molson Canadian’s , or Caesar’s, wave your flags, and get out your ketchup chips, it’s time to party Canadian style!

I may not have been born here, and I definitely go on a lot about the life I have for where I was born, England, but Canada does hold a special place in my heart. With friends I like to tease them, that I’m only Canadian so I could stay in the country, haha, but really, I do like it here. (Just don’t let my friends hear me say this! Lol) Canada has been good to me. I first visited Canada when I was 16 with my younger brother, for 6 weeks. Everything felt so big to us compared to England. The space in Calgary was crazy, and the Rocky Mountains were (are!), just huge! The space is so vast and it still takes my breath away when we drive to the mountains. But I’ve been here for 15 years now. If you count the first 4 years I was coming and going! I came back when I was 20, then I got married and I have been here for 11 more. 

Canada has been good to me, and I’m thankful to have lived her for as many years as I have.  I met my husband here 

I’ve had my own successful home business, 

The art vibe in calgary is strong and rewarding, 

I’ve learnt how to camp in the bush without a bathroom, and learned that 3 days are my maximum for not showering before I need to go home! And I’ve learned you don’t look at your hands while camping! 

I’ve learned how to start a fire and not to be (as) afraid of it. 

I’ve learned how to ski, (and how not to ski! Haha…. Broke my leg ‘nicely’ in 4 places!)

I now know how to drive on the other side (wrong side of the road). 

I see how proud Canadians are of their country

My most favourite food born in Canada is Poutine…. That s@#t is the bomb! Love me some gravy!

The zombie like obsession with Tim Hortons 

Oh and their obsession with maple syrup…. Maple donuts, maple coffee, maple vodka, maple bacon, maple cupcakes, maple whiskey (specifically crown royal), maple maple maple…. Enough with the maple! Haha

I’ve learned that snow was fun, in the beginning….now winter is long. Get me out off here!

But I have learned also that I can survive in -50 degree weather. Sure your nose hair freezes in 10 seconds and you don’t want to wear non-waterproof mascara in below zero temperatures in calgary, or when you step inside a heated space, your eyelashes defrost and you end up looking like a panda! Lol

I’ve learned you don’t mess with bears… and that I’m petrified of ever meeting one! Don’t come close bear…i have bear spray! Lol

Although, one thing that is crazy…. Is that they made me swear an oath to the queen when I became a citizen …. My queen! (yes! I have my Canadian passport) That’s just some of my favourite things about Canada…(I’ll leave out the bad things! Haha)  Happy Birthday Canada!!!

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