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WOW! It's Been Way Too Long!!

It's Okay! I'm still alive! .... I didn't even realise it had been that long. Life certainly gets busy. But can I really use that as an excuse? It's probably just because I'm lazy!

Actually, I have had a baby, and well he's now 2.5 so I barely get time to breath let alone write out my thoughts! But you know what it's good for me, and I like to write, even if nobody is reading, so here I am.

Another excuse is that there was/is Covid. But the less we dwell on that the better I think!

I'm not even sure what to write really, as there's been so much that's happened I have no idea where to start or what to tell you. We'd be here a very long time. So maybe I'll just summarise.

Like I just mentioned, I did have a baby (2020)... god even that seems a long time ago now, as he's running around (away from me), talking a lot (answering back and very opinionated), and growing so quickly (costing me a fortune in new clothes every month! STOP GROWING!... and stay as cute as you are right now! like FOREVER!!!

... and of course I painted Rio!

I did take some time out during the first year of Rio's life, and well Covid 'helped' with that a lot too, as it also meant taking a year ((or two) out of life. It's weird to think about it now isn't it, but that's kind of what happened. Don't get me wrong, it sucked big time, but as a new mum there were some positives too. No-one saw my sleep deprived face until I had a bit more enjoy to throw makeup at it. I was able to really bond with Rio and not feel obligated to share his snuggles with anyone else. lol and we could eat and drink as much as we wanted, because, well, what else was there to do!?

After that year though, or maybe it was sooner, its all a blur now really! I did get back to painting! I've done quite a few commissions, paintings just because and once things really started to get better, I participated in group exhibitions. I still have to update that part of my website, but that's going to take a bit more thinking time (if I ever have it) to go back and remember them all. It would be smart, I think to have a list I wrote them down on as I did them, but well I don't as I'm not that smart! (organised!)

So that very quickly brings us up to date! If you want more details you'll have to ask to specifics and hope my memory comes back to me!

I've had a busy summer with commissions, blogs, book covers (not mine... more to share on this next time!) and exhibitions and well just summer life right?! Especially as we had a pretty good summer here, Rio and I definitely got out to enjoy it.

My mid-year goal (who needs new year to start with a 'new year resolution') is to get back to my newsletter and blog. I've just updated the website with more recent paintings and a few other bits. It still needs a few changes and adjustments but at least the new art is up there!

I hope to have something a bit more entertaining for you to read next time. This one is more like my "Come Back" announcement. So, heeeellllloooooooo!!!! I'm baaaaaccckkkkkk!!!!!

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1 Comment

Andrea Stroet
Andrea Stroet
Sep 10, 2022

Yay, excited you are back writing. 📖🖋 Welcome baaaaccccckkkkkkk!!

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