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Busy as a Bee

I'm surprised I'm not making honey, I've been as busy as a bee!

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I hope your life is as full and busy as mine right now.

From being busy with exhibitions and art classes, the sunny weather, feeling healthier and stronger than I have in a while.. to having (some) of my family closer to visit them more! 

Life can be a bit of a roller coaster really, but I'm not sure I'd have it any other way.... although ask me that when I'm having a bad day and I may have a different answer! Haha! Without the downs though how can we truly know what the ups are? They have to exist together, and each build us to be who we are. 

It's been about a year and a half since my husband and I left Canada and decided to live in the UK. It wasn't easy in the beginning, but we both now feel settled, and actually it feels like longer, but maybe that's just me, as really it was just coming home for me. My husband is still learning the language though! haha

It's been challenging when it comes to my art as I've had to put in (and still do) a lot time and energy to discovering the art scene here. From places to exhibit to places to teach, and I'm happy to say it's starting to get busy with both of those! I have quite a few art classes coming up which I'm really excited about, and 3 more art shows before the end of the year. (So far! ...I'm always hopeful for more!)

Last Month

Last month was pretty busy in terms of shows. I showed in the Hadfield Exhibition where I earned 'Highly Commended' for a piece I did of Canada. Hehe! I've never had anything like that before, so that feels awesome!

I also took part in a group show run by the Reading Guild of Artists, their Summer Show, and just this last weekend of June took part in Artline with Jelly.

It's difficult to say how successful a show was. I guess it is determined by your definition of the word for you. For me, ultimately, yes, I agree, I want to sell my work. It encourages me to keep painting! But I also feel a show is successful if there was a large number of people that saw my work, and have learned something about what I do. Or if I've inspired someone to have a go as well, and to join me in my classes. This I REALLY love! 

It feels amazing to feel like I'm getting a bit of momentum with my sales,  from the exhibitions and online. I will never be able to thank people enough. It means I can continue to paint! (Otherwise there would just be piles upon piles of paintings collecting dust and no-one to love them! :) )  

Coming Up!

So July, thankfully, is a little slower with no exhibitions to prepare for, and only a couple of alcohol ink workshops. 

So, what will I be keeping me busy? 

Well, first! I'm planning a weekend visit to see the family. I will also be researching exhibition possibilities. Painting... of course!I work for another company teaching art as well, which is keeping me extra busy in July!I have been squirreling away (and will continue to) with my YouTube Channel. I had wanted to record, collate and share a few videos with the launch, but there have been a few editing software issues. So the launch may not be until august now! ... but follow me on Facebook to see my live demo's on Wednesdays around 1:30pm BSTAnd! Lastly, I need to prepare for all these workshops that are coming up!

PHEW! ... and I thought July was going to be less busy, I better get cracking!

The exhibition in France continues. I am a part of a group show exhibiting paintings of El Camino de Santiago. The exhibition is titled 'Artists on the Way' and is located along the way. Please click the link for more details.

Art Classes: Alcohol Inks

Many to choose from!

I'm going to just put a brief note of when and where here, but please click the link to find out ALL the details on my website.

Community Arts: 23rd November (Saturday)Art Jam Studios: Caversham: 3rd & 9th July, 10th September (days and evenings)Norden Farm: 25th September - 23rd October (Wednesday mornings)Micklems Farm: 2nd September & 22nd October (day)RGA Fridays: 22nd October (evening)

Fresh of the easel!!! 

Playing with a new ideas, it's always fun finding new ways to apply the inks. This one was mostly painted with the very technical 'splatter' technique! haha ....From there other ideas grow. I hope you enjoy!

Just for Fun ....Quiz

What am I? .....keep scrolling just a little bit more!

What am I?

Watermelon!... albeit a bit strange looking! haha

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