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Sometimes life is all lemons and other times its all sunshine and rainbows!

Hello beautiful people... I'm feeling in a pretty good mood lately!

And I'd say, that's all because of you!

When something is difficult and you don't see many results it questions our strength and commitment. Two years ago I committed myself to making it work as an artist. To teach and share what I know, and sell my paintings to those that enjoy them... and put food on the table in doing so!

Well, it's tough to keep going when some days it feels like you take one step forward and two steps back. It didn't help that I moved countries and had to start all over again... finding my new art world in the UK.

But! It's now been a year since working at the artist thing in the UK, and although I have had some successes throughout the year, it felt like a big struggle and like I wasn't really getting anywhere.

We often talk about looking at the 'signs' to tell us what to do. Well I started to wonder if my signs were telling me to just do art as a hobby and get a real job. But that was on the bad days; the days where one little negative thing can cloud all the good.

I'm thankful to all of those of you for showing me that I should keep going. You've done this with all the engagement on social media; the likes and shares and the comments and questions, the real interest in people learning from me; wanting classes, and the amazing number of sales recently.

Last Month

I recently did Caversham Arts Trail. I went into it hopeful to sell a piece or two, but mostly with the attitude to build up my network of people in the area and to get myself known about. I couldn't have imagined the success of the show that I had. I'm usually the one trying to put on a brave face and say, 'oh yes the show is going great', when in actual fact it has been the longest day of my life!

Not only did I get a lot of interest in my artwork, making multiple sales, I also had people signing up to my newsletter (Hello new people!) and interested in knowing where else I will be exhibiting and when/where my next art classes are going to be. What a compliment! Thanks!

I also just finished a small group exhibition @opendoorberko, where I hung a couple pieces of work.

Coming Up!

June seems just as busy as May was... but really I love it. It's doing a job that I love! I am going to be showing work with Artline in Reading at the end of the month. I also plan to take part in the summer show with the Reading Guild of Artists, and I'll have a few pieces showing in a group show in Hadfield.

Please see all the dates here...

The exhibition in France continues. I am a part of a group show exhibiting paintings of El Camino de Santiago.

Art Classes

Yay! I now have a few dates set for classes in Caversham, please take a look at my website for all the info!

I hoping to have more dates coming up, so please keep checking the website and next newsletter.

Fresh of the easel!!!

Needing to build up my inventory again, so I have been in the studio painting, painting, painting. This is a sneak peak of today's... it's probably still wet!! haha

Just for Fun ....Quiz

What am I? .. Keep Scrolling!

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