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Camino De Santiago in Alcohol Inks

These paintings are inspired from a hike, El Camino De Santiago, in Spain and the hike is extremely close to my heart. You can read more of my journey in my blog, but to summerise it, it was AMAZING!

OK OK, I'll give you a little more information. It's a 500 mile hike across northern Spain. It's a journey many people hike each year, and to date I've walked it twice. I want to return and walk it as many times as possible. To me it was life changing and each time I gained new knowledge of myself and a stronger compassion towards other people. Looking back at my photos I long to return, but as that can't happen for a while, the next best thing was to paint it.

The paintings below are in alcohol inks, and reflect both what I saw on the Camino de Santiago and the experience through the colours and textures I showcase a journey from my heart. I have even shared some of the thoughts I wrote while on the journey. From my heart to yours, I hope you enjoy them.

There are prints available of these, or maybe you want Spencer Millan Art to paint your special journey. Check out the commission page for more information about getting your own original personalised painting.

Want to learn even more about the Camino, please check out this article on The Good Luck Gift Shop

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