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Updated: Dec 5, 2018

They say there are abstract thinkers and concrete thinkers. Which are you? Do you even understand the question? Haha! I didn’t, and probably still don’t really, but hey I’m going to explain what I learned, as simply as possible (I love philosophy… so to me this is really intriguing).

To break it down, concrete thinking refers to thinking on the surface and about facts. Abstract thinking is related to thinking in depth and understanding a deeper meaning, and maybe multiple meanings. So which are you? (Please share in the comments!)


Abstract thinker, FOR SURE! Please, whatever you do, don’t call me ‘normal’… I will take it as an insult! If you’ve seen any of my art you would understand that completely. (Check out my gallery!) Upon getting to know me, (and reading my other posts), I’m sure you’ll agree, I think on a deep level…..hint hint… go read the other blog posts if you haven’t already! (Life As a Pilgrim, Introducing Kate, Not Cake, and Fearless Dreaming, plus a few others!)

Back to abstract thinking versus concrete thinking, neither is better than the other, being different is the new ‘norm’, so embrace it! I find it fascinating, the things that connect us; we all have fears in our lives, we all have dreams no matter how big or small they may seem, we have so many things in common, yet so many things different too. How we approach our scenarios can vary immensely, depending on our backgrounds, upbringings and personalities. Fascinating!!! (A little geeky? lol)

I enjoy that I’m an abstract thinker, although my husband may argue the enjoyment for him. (I have lots of ideas and sometimes to him they may seem all over the place. I often struggle to narrow down on doing just one and not all of them at the same time! Hehehe  But on the same hand, I think he likes it! We do different and fun stuff all the time. Although I don’t think he thinks, walking 10km, mostly uphill on a hot day when he’s sore from going to the gym and playing football the day before, FUN! lol … but I do!)

Being abstract helps me paint, and to be creative. I think outside the box (Actually I don’t even have a box! Hehe!) I hope down the road that creating unique work will help make a name for myself in the art world. Especially because its something that comes from the heart. We can only be ourselves, we get the best results that way. I heard a quote recently, but I forget the name of who said it,

 “I’m good at what I do, because I’m feeding my soul by doing what I love.”

The journey is mostly long and unknown, but, do it anyway, I DO!

Here’s a poem I wrote recently, I hope it opens a window for you to look through and maybe climb through, step outside and join me!  


I seek and look in places unknown,

Sometimes I find it; that thing I’m looking for.

Other times, I don’t want it;

I ignore its existence

But it stays, it doesn’t go away

It’s calling me, staring at me, bold and in my face

Taking possession of every thought of my mind

I don’t know of it

I’d be crazy to follow,

Hands over my eyes,

It’s dark,

I’m blind in the glaring light

Signs of hope?

A decision made, I trust in something unknown

You think I’m crazy….. oh…. Wait…..

Trusting or crazy?

Believer or gullible?

The future, I feel I know it,

I’ve been here before, but not exactly here

Always I predict it, but still it surprises me

I believe, I trust, I follow

I have my yellow arrow

My heart beats, it knows my rhythm

I have dreams,

My eyes are wide open.

I follow my faith.

 Be you, whether that’s a concrete thinker, abstract thinker or somewhere in between, you’ll get the best results.

Let me know your thoughts… what kind of thinker are you? Are you following your dreams with faith?

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