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Updated: Dec 5, 2018


So today, I thought I’d formally introduce myself. I’m still pretending I have lots of followers that don’t know me, but I believe one day it will be true! And then they’ll have something to read back on.

I’m actually quite excited to write this piece, even for the people that know me. I’m visualizing this piece as something that is rewritten every few years, it’ll be interesting (at least for me!) to see how I’ve change in my thoughts of myself, of what I’m doing, and my new perspectives.

It does you know, we change and who we thought we were 10 years ago is not going to be the same person we see today. Similarities for sure, but experiences change us and our outlooks. It’s not that I was lying to myself about who I was back then, (I’m not a very good liar…. you can ask my brothers. Every time I would try to fool them, my own hilarious-ness made me laugh and it would give it away, that I was telling them a porky pie (lie) by laughing! Lol.


Hiya, hello, hi, hola! My name is Kate, officially Katie, not Catherine, Katherine, Katya or Kitkat, just Kate. One or two of my Canadian cousins call me Katie, but really I just prefer Kate, because it’s the name my brothers, mum and dad have always used. As long as you’re not being mean, you can pretty much call me anything though! One thing I should also note though, is if you say cake around me or near me, I may look your way….. it’s sounds like my name! Haha (wow… this may be a long piece to read today, I’ve written a paragraph on just my name! Hehe)

OK, who am I as a person?

I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend, but yet to be a mother. (Although, hopefully one day… my mother will be excited to read that!). I’m quite often shy and quiet, although my brothers may disagree with that. I guess I do have my loud moments too. I wouldn’t say I’m reserved, just choose my moments to share who I am. I have opinions and LOTS of thoughts and I’m quite sensitive. I can be loud, but I’m just not in your face about it. But, ask me something, and I’ll talk. But be warned, if it’s something I’m passionate about (and I’ve had a glass of wine, or two), you may regret to have asked!

Many of my memories as a child are of me ‘making’ and being creative. Oh, and some memories of me crying through boredom and frustration… (I got…get bored easily!) Oh and walking! With my mum and brothers. We walked a lot and everywhere and sometimes with a weekends amount of camping gear strapped to our backs up hills from train stations! Lol But yes, I would make, paint, draw, and sometimes even sew…. Santa costumes. Which leads me into a little side story….

As mentioned, I get bored easily; always have and probably always will. It takes a lot to entertain this big brain! (Jokes!) Well, one year, to spice up Christmas Day, I secretly sewed and stitched (by hand I might add) a Santa costume. I made a sack and presents too, although I can’t remember what they were now. I planned and planned and only my (very awesome) grandma knew anything. Christmas Day rolled around and dinner was done, and I sneaked off to change into my Santa costume. I got my sack of presents together, while my grandma gathered everyone together. I then made my entrance… oops I mean, Santa made her entrance, and surprised everyone. There were smiles and laughs and definitely a story for the books (or blog apparently!) …. I know what you’re thinking; cheesy! I think my family thought the same, but it definitely spiced up Christmas Day! Are there photos I hear you ask?! No! Well if there are I don’t know where they are and I’m not about to start looking for them. My uncle also made a video of the event, but I’m hoping that stays buried where it currently is too!

I’ve always been like that. Quirky and maybe a little cheesy and embarrassing! But there is a pattern in my life and looking back I see I’ve always been that way. Not the embarrassing part, (I hope), more the, quirkiness, the need to do things differently, and to just ‘DO’. There are people way more quirky and eccentric than I am, but I definitely offer my fair share.

I’m a person who has struggled to ‘fit in’ and worried how to blend in with society. Part of this artistic journey for me, is more than painting, it’s also a discovery of myself. An acceptance with who I am. The time in my life when all my efforts went to blending in, I was at my least content. The journey I’m on now, exploring the truth of the things I need, make me happy. And guess what, it’s easier being who I really am everyday.

What else can I tell you, hhmmmm…. oh yeah. I’m English through and through. (Well I may be a little, tiny bit Canadian-ised.) I hate my freckles but love my jiggly bum. I love love love walking. (Surprisingly! After being forced to do it as a child, I never thought I’d say that, hehe) It’s freeing and exhilarating, and the wee hike I did across Spain, of 800km in 34 days, I would do again and again. Actually I WILL do it again. When life gets noisy again I will retreat to the Camino, and spend a month in nature, walking again. As a kid I could almost play tunes with my farts, but now it’s rare if you hear me at all.(haha) I like reading, learning, experiencing and trying new things. I don’t believe in having regrets, every choice we make, good or bad, has a purpose in our lives. I think I’m pretty easy going, and don’t get stressed or angry too often. (Ok… people that don’t indicate, or people that cut me off in traffic I get a little angry at. Oh and closed minded people make me frustrated. And rice pudding, rice pudding makes me a little angry. But that’s about it!) and, I love love love animals.

Everyday I yearn for something new. To do something new, meet someone new, learn something new, or even to just be planning to do something new…. everyday I need challenges and goals…from small to big, but I need them. I need to feel a sense of achievement in everyday. I’ve recently chosen to be an artist. Not an easy path, but I embrace all it’s challenges and absorb all the positive feedback. I’m passionate, focused and motivated. I always loved words and writing, but I’ll let you be the judge of whether I’m any good. I just speak the words in my heart. Growing up I had a couple of pen pals…. OMG does that make me sound old? I’m 35 … I think. Oh! And I can speak a little Spanish… which is awesome because I want to live in Spain one day.

So to simplify me, (not that I’m simple!), I’m easy-going, happy-go-lucky, motivated, focused and fun. (Well I think I’m fun; actually I’m the funniest person I know :o) I seek experiences, adventures, and I’m believer of; we can achieve anything we put our minds too. We just need to be open and accepting, and without expectations of what things should be. Trust in yourself, and the path you’re on. I use art to express myself, and who I am. Every day it helps me become more confident, to trust in myself and know that through headaches, frustrations and determination we can make whatever we put our minds too, beautiful.

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